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First off to say I'm from out of state and here on business so I no few to none in the area. Kennel creek has beyond good to me this week so far! My baby girl got some intense anxiety and was sick, I was so worried for her so the girls at kennel creek assured me they would keep an extra eye on her. She continued to be sick thought the day so with my approval they made her a vet appointment and took her to the appointment and would have takin her back to kennel creek if I wasn't off work in time! So amazing! I went to visit my girl on lunch break before going to her appointment and the staff brought her a big bed out so that she could lay with me and be comfortable. All of the staff is really above and beyond in animal care, they truely love the puppies that come in, they will get down on knees and greet the dog and let the dog give them kisses all over the face while wearing a smile! 5* for this place! So worth the money!

Kennel Creek is a God send. Before selecting them, we toured several places. Ther is no comparison. Kennel Creek wins by miles. The staff is amazing with the animals. And believe it or not I have been greeted by the owner on several trips there. Where else does that happen. It indicates his interest in knowing and satisfying his customers. He collects the dogs and takes them to their area. I can't speak for the other dogs, but my dog licks him and his staff to death. He really likes it there. - M.G.

"Kennel Creek is a wonderful place for our furry children to stay! Our experience with Kennel Creek has been overwhelmingly positive, for many, many reasons. Most notably, a kind and caring staff, lead by a passionate owner and dog lover." - Alex

"WOW I was so impressed by the facility and Chris, I am signing up!!! Best place I have seen in KC, OP and especially Leawood. Price is right for bording and daycare. Cant wait to get my Little Frito some FUN DOGGIE PLAYTIME" ... "Wow, I was watching Frito on the play cam and I can tell he LOVES it!! What a great time...this is the best thing ever for him. Thank U!!!! So professional. " - Sally W

It's like they have been to a health spa rather than a kennel! We couldn't be more pleased with the care they obliviously received and their wonderful transition home. Thanks to everyone at Kennel Creek Pet Resort.- Kurt & Edith.

Since we discovered Kennel Creek Pet Resort in Overland Park, Kansas, I’m beginning to understand the loyalty a pet owner can feel upon finding a quality place for your fur babies to go when they can’t go with you. - Wayward Dogs

No place like it. They understand dog's needs better than any place I have been. Very professional and service orientated. Great experience. I had special needs for my little guy and they took care of everything for him. Love it that I can watch playtime from my office. - Reggies

I love this place! My experience was wonderful! My dog was clean and happy and loves to go back. She gets excited when we turn the corner getting close. My staff loves my dog and she loves them. - Roxiemom

You have a great deal of patience and the positive attitude that makes these goals happen. Kennel Creek has been the answer to almost all of the needs we faced in getting a new puppy off to the right start - boarding grooming and daycare. - Susan and Tom







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Full-service grooming and spa treatments for dogs and cats
Comforting accommodations your pet will instinctively love.
Playtime, socialization, exercise and personal attention.
Obedience school tailored to you and your dog.